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What Do Probiotics Do For Women? 7 Reasons Why You Should Take Probiotics.


Probiotics are supplements that are extremely prevalent in today’s world. We use it quite often for ourselves, even if we’re unaware of it. Our kids take them, our pets take them, and even the food we eat tends to have probiotics. Many farm animals are given probiotics so that the milk and meat we buy and cook is guaranteed safe for us and our families. Probiotics, in summary, help to keep us healthy, but is there more to it?

Probiotics for women

Sure, probiotics improve our health, but how so? And what can they do for women in particular? For those not in the know, it might be a bit trivial to ask this question, but it’s a rather known fact that men and women tend to not have the same experience when it comes to medical issues. For example: the experience a man goes through when having a heart attack (said to feel like an elephant sitting on your chest) is not the same as a woman (indigestion, fatigue, fainting, there might not even be chest pain), and so on. With that in mind, most would like to know just what these supplements are doing for our bodies. Don’t worry a bit, as I’ll give you quite a few looks into just what probiotics can do to improve the health of women

Probiotics are very affordable and easy to access, and they should be a supplement taken regularly to improve your gut’s microbiome and your overall health. However, it needs to be stated that probiotics cannot replace prescription medicine for serious issues.


They Support Your Gut’s Microbiome

Probiotics support the gut microbiome

You may have heard the word “microbiome” tossed around a bit, and you’re going to hear it even more in this article, as well as the word “gut”. That’s because the state of your gut is far more important than most people realize.

Your gut has quite a bit of bad bacteria, that’s true, but it’s even more filled with good bacteria, which work to aid in preventing illnesses and certain health conditions. This is why some doctors will recommend probiotics rather than antibiotics. Antibiotics will work to destroy bacteria indiscriminately, and because of that, we lose some of the good bacteria that help to fight off illnesses.

This isn’t to say antibiotics aren’t helpful, and they’re necessary to use when you have an illness where the bacteria has spread too much to be taken care of by your immune system in a timely manner. However, on a regular day when you aren’t sick, it’s better that you take probiotics so that you have a greater amount of good bacteria to prevent yourself from getting sick again.

As you’ll see, pretty much the entire human body is in some way connected to the health of your gut, which is why keeping your microbiome thriving is so important.


Strengthens Immunity

Probiotics Strengthen Women's Immunity

The good bacteria in our guts are extremely important when it comes to keeping our bodies safe and healthy. A litany of diseases and problems are prevented by good bacteria. Sometimes it’s as important as keeping your body from getting an infection or protecting your stomach from getting an ulcer. Other times, it can be as small as preventing stomach cramps.

Either way, it will save your body from quite a bit of pain. There will be times where you can get sick, of course— sometimes the outside factors can be a bit too much. You will see a decrease in immunity problems, however, which is quite a bonus.


Improving Fertility

Woman Improving fertility using probiotics

If you’re looking to have a child with your partner, you’re in luck. Probiotics have been proven to be able to increase one’s chances of becoming pregnant. The health of your gut greatly correlates to the health of your uterus, making the chances of pregnancy that much more likely when taking certain strains of probiotics. If you’re interested in how probiotics may up your chances of conceiving a child, you should ask your OBGYN about which probiotics may be best.

Of course, if you’re not interested in having a child at the moment, it won’t diminish the effects of contraceptives. For those who are not ready for children, you’re in the clear!


Warding Off Vaginal Infections

Probiotics helping with vaginal infection

So your gut isn’t the only place in your body that is a microbiome. Women also have to keep track of the flora that blooms in one’s vagina. Your vaginal area contains some important bacteria, some big ones being Lactobacillus fermentum and Lactobacillus rhamnosus.

These bacteria are especially prevalent in preventing yeast infections. This is why it’s important that if you’re going to take probiotics, you should make sure they’re suitable for your sex. You’re less likely to find these two bacteria within men’s probiotics. If you’re looking for ways to strengthen your immunity towards infections, look for these two strains!


Help With Digestion

improve digestion

When it comes to digestion, your gut’s microbiome plays a large role. Not only do the good bacteria help with the absorption of nutrients and minerals, but they also assist your body in keeping things running smoothly.

This largely has to do with your intestines, which is liable to be host to quite a few problems, like inflammation. You can probably tell when this becomes a problem through issues such as diarrhea, and that can be a problem for several reasons, such as the fact that you’re not absorbing all the nutrients provided by the food, and instead it’s just being passed right on through. By using probiotics to reduce the chances of inflammation and any other gut problems, you can get the most out of your meal.


It Can Improve Your Mental Health

Gut microbiome effects on happiness

Mental health is objectively just as important as the health of your body, and thankfully, probiotics are able to improve your focus and perceptions. If you have or are dealing with what you may suspect are mental health issues, I will always strongly suggest that you go and see a professional. While probiotics are very helpful when it comes to your mental health, like I said in the beginning of this article, it should never replace the medicine you take.

Within the medical community, it’s commonly believed that our gut and our brain are in constant communication with one another, ergo if your gut’s health takes a hit, it may affect your mental wellbeing in the short term

Believe it or not, beneficial bacteria can help in supporting your hormone levels, including ones you may have heard, such as cortisol, serotonin, and oxytocin, all of which are instrumental when it comes to regulating mood and how you think. If you have a healthier microbiome that supplies a more balanced hormone regulation, it will be greatly beneficial to both your body and your mind.


It Can Improve Your Heart Health

Heart health

Our hearts are robust and strong organs that can take quite a few hits, but there are many dangers that, over some time of questionable choices, can end up severely affecting the health of your heart. Smoking, poor eating, heavy alcohol use, drug usage, steroids; all that and more can have a serious effect on your heart’s physical health. That’s why many doctors will stress a healthy diet and limited alcohol use very early on, as those tend to build up as you continue with life, and the more you indulge in unhealthy practices, the worse things get at an earlier age.

Probiotics are a great preventative measure when it comes to the health of your heart, as the supplements have shown that they can assist in maintaining good cholesterol.

One of the ways this works is that probiotics help fight a bacteria known as S. mutans, a strain that makes its home in your mouth and within your heart valves. By regularly taking probiotics, you’re giving your immune system the kick it needs to get a majority of undesirable bacteria out of your body. Now, it must be stated that regularly taking probiotics is not the end all be all solution when it comes to your heart. If you want to maintain good heart health, you should listen to health professionals and limit any habits that can affect your cardiovascular system in the long run.


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