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Top 7 Beauty Tips for Women Over 40


As you get older, not only does your body become susceptible to various health problems, but so do your looks. Unfortunate as it may be, it’s unavoidable, and just like with the internal issues, a woman looking to preserve her looks has to be a bit more careful with how she lives her life. Lathering on more and more makeup will eventually do more harm than good.

Beauty Tips for Women Over 40

We’re going to give you some tips and tricks on how to keep yourself looking great as the years roll on.


Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen

This is vital. If you’re going out on the beach, spending an afternoon at the park, or even just taking a stroll at noon, lather that stuff on, because the sun is harsher on your skin as you age. Not only does it increase the risk of skin cancer, but sun damage can cause you to develop fine wrinkles on your skin, spots, and uneven skin tones (not the same as a tan). It’s just about the best anti-aging cream you’ll ever get. We suggest one with 30 SPF or more and 7% of zinc oxide. You can tighten those wrinkles using collagen creams for example, but it’s better to use your sunscreen in the first place.


No Smoking

If you’re a smoker, you already get bombarded with comments about how the act is bad for you. Well we’re here to reiterate that, but for different reasons. To keep it brief, studies have shown that smoking causes one to age prematurely. Not only will health issues get worse as you get older, but smoking will speed up the deterioration of your features.


Moderate Your Drinking and Eating

This has to do with maintaining your weight rather than facial features. As we age, our metabolism slows, making it harder for us to keep the pounds off. The only thing we can really do is be more vigilant about our lifestyle. Adding some more nutrients will not only help keep your body healthy, but is also good for your skin. As for drinking, it’s all well and good to have some wine now and then, but slugging down a few cans every night won’t do your body any good, especially in the weight department.


No Tanning

This goes along with what we were saying about sunscreen. We’re not saying to hide away from the sun like a vampire, but your skin is more sensitive than it once was. There’s nothing wrong with a stroll on the beach every so often, but if you’re going to sit on a towel and watch the waves crash onto the surf, consider bringing an umbrella.

The main reason we bring this up, however, is to tell you that tanning salons are an absolute no-go. The last thing you need is to literally blast your skin directly with UV rays.


Find a Good Moisturizer

A good moisturizer is one of the key ingredients for glowing skin. When your skin is dry, any wrinkles you have become more pronounced and rather unsightly. Hydrating your skin helps keep the years off, but moisturizers can be fairly expensive, even if just an off-brand. This doesn’t mean you should break the bank for some, nor does it mean that the priciest ones are necessarily the best. You really only need one. Read a few reviews, pick one up, and you should be until it runs out.


Update your Makeup Every Few Years

This has two meanings: one, make sure you keep up with the latest makeup trends, and two, make sure the way you apply your makeup is fitting for the development of your features. You should keep in style, as many find themselves still youthful at heart. However, when it comes to developing wrinkles, spots, or anything else that comes with aging, lathering foundation on all of those won’t cut it. Keep tabs on how to maintain your looks without caking things on.


Pay Attention to Your Hair

We’re past the point of being able to pick out every individual gray hair. If you already have thin hair, you won’t be doing yourself any favors by plucking the growing number of stray hairs. Instead focus things such as highlights, coloring, and keeping it looking thick and full. Some colors can really help with giving your hair a lot of volume to it. If you’re determined to stick with the gray/salt and pepper look, however, more power to you. Hair is different for each person, so we suggest focusing on hair care products to keep it looking sleek and full. It’s also your time to play around with certain hairstyles to see what fits you in this new stage of your life.